The (modified) 365 Day Project

Happy 2014! I hope it’s been as awesome for you as it has been for me (meaning I’ve been eating since the 1st and it’s all been amazing). I’ve been thinking since before the New Year about what to do with the remaining time I’m going to have before I go off to New York and start Podiatry School. It’s a similar process we all go through during this  time of the year with the new year coming and the old year leaving. We reflect on what went well, and what didn’t. Things we want to remember, and things we want to forget. The “I should have…” s and “what if…” s are all cataloged and mulled over. For me it came in two stages: 1. my walk along the journey that is life and 2. my walk with Christ. What I saw was that 2014 is going to be a year of major change in my life whether I try or not (I mean…I’m leaving the west coast and moving to New York to start my training as a podiatrist…not much could top that). But, more than that I want this year to be a year of adventure and experience. I want to see all that there is to see in my beloved California, have as many new experiences with old friends as possible, and ultimately gain a conscious perception of Christ in everyday life. I’ve learned a lot of theology in college and now that I’m in the real world, there needs to be more of an application of that truth.

In light of that, I’m gonna do a 365 Photo Project. I got the idea from my friend whose currently getting really close to finishing hers up. But, I’m gonna be realistic for myself because there’s no way I’m going to be able to post a picture everyday. So, instead I’m going to post at least 7 pictures every week. I’m going to try and practice and improve my photography skills in the process so I’ll mostly be using my DSLR and do some post prod. on the pictures, but at other times I’ll just use my phone or maybe not even do post prod. at all. But there’ll be 7 pictures every week. Theme wise I’m gonna try to focus it on something to do with my quiet times of that week. I’m hoping this will serve as both a memory tool and a way that I can see God in everyday life because, He is. Whether it’s the beauty of the sunset or the simple physical blessings that come with having something to eat for breakfast every morning, He’s there. And I’d like to remember that.

For the first week (this week) I’m gonna post some leftovers I’ve been working on from 2013 so I guess OFFICIALLY this is starting next week.

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