Week 2 & 3 – Colorado Springs RARE OCCURRENCE of MODELING

Well it’s the second week and I’m already behind and kind of cheating. This batch of pics is from the extremely rare instance when last week a friend (male) was convinced to model for me and another friend. We ended up going to Colorado Lagoon in Long Beach and the first thing I noticed was that 1. it was kinda dirty and 2. it smelled terrible. There was a pretty cool wharf though and most importantly THERE WERE FREAKIN JELLYFISH IN THE WATER which made a fun day an AMAZING day. I’m counting this as week 2 and 3 cause even though I shot these in week 2 I didn’t really finish editing until week 3. But, I’ll also be putting up some other pics from an adventure I had during week 3. But, praise God for friends guys. The blessings of good times with good friends exploring a random place are immense.

14January_Colorado Lagoon_19 14January_Colorado Lagoon_93 14January_Colorado Lagoon_91 14January_Colorado Lagoon_90 14January_Colorado Lagoon_78 14January_Colorado Lagoon_59 14January_Colorado Lagoon_57 14January_Colorado Lagoon_52 14January_Colorado Lagoon_38 14January_Colorado Lagoon_37 14January_Colorado Lagoon_34 14January_Colorado Lagoon_104


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