Week 3 pt2 – Skydiving

For the longest time I’ve wanted to skydive and it was definitely something on my bucket list. I just imagined that it would feel so sick to fly and IT WAS. Yesterday a friend was down in San Diego for work and we hungout and went sky diving at Skydive San Diego which was closer to the border then I’ve ever been in my life. But after signing over my life (basically saying I have no rights whatsoever in case I die and that nobody can sue them for my death) we got geared up, trained for like 5 minutes, hopped on a plane and we were off to 13,000 feet. It’s hard to explain the thrill of jumping out of a plane and falling through the sky. You know in your head that you’re going super fast but it kind of feels like you’re floating as the wind rushes past you. Contrary to what I had thought, there is no “stomach drop” sensation which ultimately made it even more awesome because it was all thrill no discomfort. The pics were taken by a camera dude that was flying separate and I only edited them a little bit. I was surprised that the guy was using a DSLR (w/ a fisheye lens) strapped to his helmet but I’m really glad he did cause out of the 50 or so pictures he took there were some pretty cool ones. SO GLAD I got to experience this. And perhaps in the future I can be that camera guy lolImage



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