Week 4 – Sin, Complacency, The Struggle

This past week God showed me some of the more subtle sins of my life as well as revealed to me the gravity, consequences, and effects of some of the sins that I’m more aware of. On the outside I thought my walk was going relatively well and I would probably compare myself to this flower that decorates my living room.


It’s nice to look at, colorful, healthy


It’s not perfect, but let’s be real what flower is? It’ll always have some discolorations and flaws


And I think often times I think of myself like this. Sure I have some rough edges and things to work on
but all around I think I’m doing a pretty good job.


And then I dig just a little deeper and really consider my actions and words


And I find it all. The sin. Hiding just below the surface. And I am reminded vividly that I am a sinner and
that my preconceived notion of where I’m at is in fact


fake. Just like this flower that decorates my living room.

It’s so easy to deceive myself into complacency. So easy for me to ignore my sin and move on with my life and tell myself “I’ll work on it. I’ll do better next time.” This past week God definitely hit me with a big smack of revelation showing me how deep my hypocrisy runs and how far I am from where I should be. I was, to say the least discouraged. But, now at the end of the week, I’m glad that God showed me this. I’m glad because it really brought home an important lesson in the effort that is required in the Christian walk. Yes. God is in control. God is the one that causes change. But, a lazy Christian who does nothing but waits for God to strike them with clarity and holiness is both going to be waiting for a really long time and perpetuating their sin in their laziness. Read Proverbs. It’s all over the place. For me, that means I need to start fighting more actively. Being more specific in my applications of truth and evaluating each method’s effectiveness for growth. I had thought that by doing the things everybody else does (quiet times, go to church, fellowship, etc.) that I would grow. But, it’s not like that. God made each of us differently and the way we learn, fight, and grow is different as well. It’s not enough to come up with a vague plan of action. My lack of real, strenuous effort has led me to this point, and it needs to change. I’ve got to remember that the fight against sin is won by God’s grace and heart changing action. But if we aren’t even in the fight, there’s no struggle to win.


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