Week 5 – Hanging & a New Toy

Relatively uneventful week. Work – same. Weekend – went to Downtown Disney to hangout with some friends and took some random pics.


BUT I had a nice surprise today when I got THIS


in the mail today (ordered it during the week but didn’t expect it until Monday). It’s a reverse mount ring and it basically flips your lens around and mounts it backward which makes everything manual, (since I don’t have a aperture ring) locks the aperture at the widest it can go, and is a nice way to play around with macro photography w/o spending the big bucks.  Downside I was using a lens that was f/2.8 which made my dof ridiculously small when reverse mounted so it got really hard to focus and pretty much impossible to get any of these without using a tripod. But, I ordered another one for a different lens so I’ll be playing around with that next week and maybe it’ll be easier. But, the cool thing is that you can really see the effect of ISO, shutter speed, and aperture vividly making this a nice learning tool as I read here.

the edge of a half melted candle


the top of a toothpick in water


Water droplets on a syringe that I use to clean my fish (Maximus)’s tank




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